Time Travel Through Present Awareness

I rather be in the present awarenessing moment than continue writing this blog. but this is my therapy to get these roaming thoughts out of my head. that has been my lifetime quandary, whether I need do nothing and remain still or engage in the illusion that this world is.

sunset over the rockies
another beautiful sunset over the Rockies.

this world has its beautiful side to it, but eventually it all changes and I find myself attached to it. either by affection, or by knowing that there is nothing else out there, in deep space or even in the other lifetime that can compare to spending time with the people I truly love. the conversations, the laughter, the tearing up some good food together. it is the best entertainment that I ever need. I seldom watch movies and definitely no TV. I spend my present awareness moments listening to music, moving this body around for exercise, and witnessing all my thoughts and memories play out in the theatre of my mind. yet, I am not mind. I am not these thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and even this body itself that writes these words. but I am here, now and this is what I got to go by, this is the role I must play, this is what everyone calls Life.

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Sun Gazing, a Contemplative Presence

Ever since I had my aha moment of realization I have become a super chilled-out soul. in a brief instant I understood the entire cosmos and my place in it.

a time for presence and mental silence as the sun sets over the Rockies.

I am the purpose and manifestation of the Universe so that I can look back at it and be in profound awe. a sense of all-pervading gratitude filled my being and ousted the bitterness I had accumulated up to that moment due to regret and my inordinate attachments. I was truly free, Continue reading “Sun Gazing, a Contemplative Presence”

Every Crazy Has Their Own Theme

I now know why I began this blog.

me with my writing glasses ready for this blog.

it was a way to purge my mind of all the concepts and objects of mind that continuously hunt me until I annotate them down. I am not only writing for myself, which I have previously started since High School, but also for the world. others must listen to what I have to share because I know I reverberate with many of you out there reading these words. these are the people I dedicate this effort to, the ones that are ultimately like myself who are in that search for themselves and the only way to learn is through someone that has lived the same experiences and now is looking for that long unknown soul-mate, to which, I Am.

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